New year… new budget

Time for renewing my resolutions. There are some ever present ones, such as the need to stop biting my nails, and some newish ones like reducing my time on the internet and spending more time with the kiddo.

BUT most of all, this new year will be about cutting out all the unnecessary spending. Frugalling as frugally as possible.

Time to budget.


It will happen.

Luckily (?) I’ve just spent a fortune on a new vacuum cleaner so I won’t need to blow my resolve by pining away over a sucky machine and OMIGOSH I’m excited. But that’s a whoooole other post.

Anyway, this is day 1. Even though it isn’t 2008 yet, I thought I’d start now. I’d like to say it’s because I am disciplined… but really it is because I have run out of money.


3 thoughts on “New year… new budget

  1. I just got a large sum of money for some writing work I did…will finish soon…and it’s gone in like a week. I’m so embarrassed and Dave’s teasing me about being materialistic. 2008 is the year of the frugal. But new vacuum cleaners are always nice! (How old are we?)


  2. Glad I’m not the only person vowing to budget the new year away. As the saying goes, if you’re gonna binge you gotta purge. But I really did need to spend thousands of dollars on new appliances. Really I did.


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