Nikki the Fashionista

…. yeah right.

But anyway, briefly like to call your attention to the fashion crime of 2008 (and it ain’t even January yet!)………..

The Bum Bag.

Oh yes they did!

I saw a guy yesterday wearing one along with his skinny little jeans and oversized hoodie. It was even black with fluro squiggles.

Can we just say that this is another craze (along with the fat-ass-inducing-where-there-isn’t-necessarily-an-overly-fat-ass jeans) which I will NOT be buying in to.


2 thoughts on “Nikki the Fashionista

  1. I said it about pirate boots (Pirates of the Caribbean was good but come on people!!) and it stands for bum bags: Just cos everyone wears it doesn’t make it look good!This is a bit rude but do you think they call them fanny packs in the US cos you look like a twat wearing them?


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