I was seriously lucky to win a prize in the talented girls from Anemone Craft’s little draw the other week and received this gorgeous little hat made by Lies the other day in the mail. Hannah was in dire need of a new sun hat due to her unnaturally large head. Doesn’t get it from me, I swear. (That’s where the other unknown 50% of the genetics comes in handy.)

Anyway, it fits her great (for a little while at least) and then I’ll be able to pass it on to another little toddly friend of mine who would look so cute in it! I’m absolutely in love with the fabric… Lies and Kimberlee have great taste when it comes to printy stuff and I really admire all the things they put together! So thank you Lies… may all the love and sunshine in the world come at ya this year! (and for Kimberlee too 🙂 ) xoxox P.S. In Auckland on January 11th – 13th for a wedding… fancy a coffee??

And these are some more smockets made for a very quiet blog reader and all-round lovely lady who has a kiddo just a bit older than Hannah. Hopefully the prints are OK and Ella will like them? I am happy to do up some more if those don’t suit.

That’s all from me. Any attempt at telling you what is going on in our lives would just have me bitching and moaning about how the Devil Child has resorted to screaming every time things don’t go her way. And considering she’d happily live on lollies and icecream at the moment and NEVER sleep, the screaming happens a fair bit.

3 thoughts on “Toddlyrific

  1. The hat looks cute! Which reminds me, I need to order one from Lies. The smockets are beautiful! Great colour choices. I need to get J’s staple gun back to you soon.


  2. Oh my goodness, I don’t want to be a stalker or anything but I think we might be (unintentional) blog doppelgangers. I’ve just bought the same apple material but for a dress for me. And a post of yours in about November had photos of some fabric I (and it turns out you too) had bought online. And I make kids’ hoodies. And I was going to be at Craft2.0 (but couldn’t. So disappointing). Crazy.


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