New year… new promises

A brief summary of 2007.

1. Got a Tobin.

2. Kept a Tobin.

3. Got an honours degree – not with first class. Feck it. I thought I had it!

4. Didn’t stop biting nails. Ah well.

5. Got lots of debt. Damn being a student. (Yes, I know that isn’t an excuse, but as I refuse to accept blame at the very least I am blaming it on something intangible so not to offend anyone).

6. Got a job. Yahoooooo.

Right… now for 2008.

1. Stop biting nails… no, REALLY stop biting them. Actually, let’s phrase this in the positive so it is more enticing to stick to – Grow lovely nails.

2. Spend less time on the internet (and absolutely NO blog surfing or forum-ing at new job. Nada.) and consequently, more time with Devil Child.

3. Keep budget up-to-date and stick to it – this includes paying off overdraft(s) and credit card *cringey cringe cringe*

4. Blog up a storm.

5. Craft up a storm.

Oh, and look… I’m keeping number 5 already! Just made these Bandanna Bibs for a tiny little Louie kid who we were playing with this morning so he keeps the vomit marks on his funky frilly purple pants to a minimum.


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