I’m on the road to nowhere…

Come on inside…

Well, technically it isn’t a road, and I’m not currently on it… but it is definitely nowhere. Middle of. And not the Bean‘s Middle of Nowhere. Mine is is of the Marlborough Sounds variety.

I am heading off with the Devil Child to a bach which my Maman and her hubby have rented which has no power and is only accessible by water taxi thingy.

I would like to think there would be a lot of knitting going on. Time will tell.

See you next week!!


5 thoughts on “I’m on the road to nowhere…

  1. Hey ho! Happy happy new year girl!Ow waweee, only just read that massive post you did on the sunhat, thankyagirl! I’m glad it fits the devilhead X YEEEEES we must do coffee when you swing by!!! Drop us a little email with when exactly you and TDC are here as soon as you’re back from your wild road trip hon!X much love,Lies


  2. Well, when you come back… Happy New Year!!! Obviously, I’m late. 😦You have lots of good resolutions. Me? I just am gonna try to come by and “see” you and your lovely sprout more often…{{hugs}}


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