Home again, home again

So the whale has nothing to do with the subject matter in today’s post, but I don’t care. I think it’s cute. Six mutated fins and all.

Tobin made it.

Right. So. Back in the land of the living. The holiday was wooooonderful. Privacy. Bush. Sea. Sun? Sort of. Family. Knitting. Reading. Fishing.

The bach wasn’t nearly as primitive as I had expected. There was a generator (or two) there if we had needed electricity, which we didn’t… but that was because there was insane amount of gas powered appliances. And here I was coming up with novel ways to keep my milk cool so I didn’t have to forgo cups of tea for 4 days! (Which by the way, involved stringing my milk up to a tree and hanging it into an icy stream which just happened to be nearby. Turns out there wasn’t a stream. Mum mentioned that my plan may just have been able to adapt to the fact that there was a giant big ocean out the door. Oops. Always missing the simple option, I am!)

The first day was beeeeautiful and Hanny and I flew on the teeny tiny plane from Welly to Picton and didn’t die at all – despite what images may have been flashing through my mind on the 25 minute flight! (In actual fact, that was a glorious flight. The way back however… eeeeeek!) We headed out on Poppa’s boat to Dryden Bay in the Sounds and found our little eco haven. It was sooo pretty and really well made. The composting toilet did great things for my eco-conscience at first but I have to say, I was haaaaaanging out for a flushing one after a few days. Turns out I’m a bit fickle with this whole ‘save the world’ business. The bach wasn’t lacking with luxuries though… the owner had gone all out and rigged up a new shower contraption outside – HOT even. One of the many gas powered thingys. LOVE being nudey in the Middle of Nowhere. Nudey in town just ain’t the same as I think my sis and I have flashed the neighbours so many times that we can NEVER go and ask for a cup of sugar from them.

Managed to find a shelf full of books, which was good times. Then I hit the jackpot when I found the owner of the bach/boat shed had written a book! Turns out he was one of the guys that had sailed to Moruroa in 1995 when the French started up their nuclear tests again. Super cool. He lives in Wellington and even has a son called Tobyn. Freaky. Feel like we are the best of mates but had better hold off calling him up for a drink as then he’ll know I was rifling through his book collection. Oops.

Anyway, moving on… boat news. Our boat broke while we were out in the Sounds. It seems I have the propensity to render any engine-ified transport absolutely useless by virtue of being within a few metres of it. (I’ve whinged about my broken car right? Well, it is no longer broken but for the purposes of this story, we will pretend it is still relevant.) My Great-Granddad was a boat designer/builder and we managed to get one of his launches a few years ago. I think it’s getting a bit much for Poppa to maintain so they may have to sell it. It’s so cool though. I love that we go fishing on one of Bill’s boats. Mum has more sentimental feelings for the dinghy that he made for her and her brother… so we’ll still have that. I did my painting boards at high school on the boat too… one day I’ll get around to scanning some pics.

Ah, time to go to bed now this post is turning to crap.

We made it back (just. Thank you Wellington winds.) and I’m in the process of getting sorted for work next week. Eeeeek. Work. Real live work. Oh, and preparing for the coolest weekend in the history of cool weekends. Watch out Auckland.


4 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. 1) Oh my gawd, the whale is adorable. So cute, so so cute …. and his little nose – the upside down heart? What a super cool touch.2) So jellis of your Picton/Bach/Boating holiday … soulds like a “kiwiana” dream holiday.3) Hope things are going well getting ready for your new job … get wait to hear about it when you start.<>PS: How’s the nail biting going? Any spesh tricks or tips ya wanna share … I am a hopeless nail-biter. I don’t even realise I am doing it.<>


  2. <>Oh, and preparing for the coolest weekend in the history of cool weekends. Watch out Auckland.<>ok, dish.cos hubby and i are breathless that we’re going to The Police.but now i am thinking that you are thinking that we are old fullahs and you are off to Big Day Out????X


  3. Jacinta –1) Aw thanks… I’ll take credit for Tobin’s doodling in photoshop 😀 He’s created heaps of really cute/a bit freaky creatures. They’ll be appearing around here cos I think they are neat.2) Next time I’ll invite you 😉 Surely Mum wouldn’t mind a few gate crashers!3) Spanks. I’ll be in to whinge at approximately 5.05pm4) Nail biting. No luck. Need to get diligent on the clear polish painting again… that seemed to stop me biting really well. Just need to get into the habit of painting them every time I catch myself biting. Holidays aren’t good. I bit off all my long ones.Kate –Nothing so exciting as a concert – I think BDO is next weekend? Just heading up to a wedding and catching up for coffee with as many fun people as possible.And going to the Police doesn’t make ya old 😉


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