Not a party animal

Turns out I’m not cut out for partying. I had the absolute time of my life at the party (refer to terribly drunken photo – which I’m not convinced should be released in public but ah well!) though I managed to conk out in the honeymoon suite at about 12.30am while everyone else partied on around me. (Yes, we were in the honeymoon suite… I don’t know why or how but apparently it was the bride’s idea. She was chief party animal!)

Sad to say, but normal programming will not resume. I start work tomorrow so will probably be whinging about 7am starts for a good 3 weeks. I’ll try get some crafty stuff in at some point so I don’t go mad trying to think of witty posts to write (not that I ever succeed!). So, good night!

P.S. Loved meeting all my online buddies this weekend. Sorry to all those I didn’t manage to contact… time was short and I wasted most of it lying in bed feeling sorry for myself after the wedding. Next time!


5 thoughts on “Not a party animal

  1. Yeah ditto on the lippy. I look like a two dollar whore (and that’s probably too pricey) in red but you rock it. Boo 7am starts. I’m supposed to be one of those people too but my employer and I have an ‘arrangement’. I come to work late and non-grumpy and they get extra out of me for nix whenever they need it. Works for me!


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