I made it to work on time. Early even. Only problem is that I was required to start at 10am so it doesn’t count AT ALL.

We’ll see how I go tomorrow when I am expected at 8.30am and my child refuses to get dressed or leave the house. I can’t wait.

Otherwise, faaaab start to my working life. Not overwhelmed at all. Spent the whole day doing “organisey” (Yes, I know that’s not a word) stuff and I luuuurved it. It seems that despite the disorganisation of my personal life, I am quite enthused about organising everyone else. Brilliant.

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4 thoughts on “7am

  1. Ewww, 8:30am, goodluck with that one. Happy organising….always so much funner (yeah I make my own words to), organising something that won’t immediately get unorganised by a little person.


  2. Hey good L on that job!And the early starting and all that. Heh I know hon it’s just incred how mums have to ORGANISE (or try to anyway).So cool meeting you.Next time bring kid!Or maybe we’ll come to you.You a cool chick btw, je pense.X Lies


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