C’est Mercredi! Zut alors!

Crap. Did I spell the title right? My brain is too fried to even look it up.

I am exhausted at it’s only 9.(freakin’)30pm! What is this work business all about? And did I mention that there are another two days! Thaaaaaaaank goodness that next week starts with a stat holiday. How brilliant are you, Wellington Anniversary? (And btw, how cool would it be having a Sir Ed day? I mean, rats that you died and all dude, but what I’d give for another day off! Weeee)

Alrighty… enough whinging.

I wanted to go into a bit more detail about the fabulous girls I met up in Auckland! A ‘shout out’ some might say. If some were gangsters. Fortunately I am not… so I will give up right about now with trying to appear gangster-like. (Ya see what work does to me?! Oh. Yes. I said no more whinging)


Lies, Kimberlee, and the little Lieveke kiddo: Thank you for a wonderful start to our Auckland trip and for directing us to a super cool cafe. These beautiful specimens entertained my whole group “knowing” only me… yet kept Niamh and Tobin well occupied and happy. Lieveke was charming and I could have watched her for hours. Super cute little kiddo and super cute little outfit Lies! And thank you so much to Kimberlee for bag sitting all our stuff while we wandered around Auckland. I stupidly packed like I was going to Siberia for a month and then bitched about how heavy my bag was. So Kimberlee saved me from lugging all my crap around and then prevented Niamh’s ears from falling off for all the moaning. And her dog does cool stuff. And her apartment is funky. We love ya. And I apologise if I was too much of a blog stalker… I seem to divulge a bit more info than I should about how stalkery I am! hehe

Simonne: Was super awesome to finally meet you! So glad you could come over and catch up… and then partake in a girl talk session that lasted into the evening! I think it is really cool when you can drag someone over when you’ve never met them and time disappears so fast. Also for joining in the eco conversion that I am conducting on my lovely cousin. Mooncup crusader fo’ life! (Oooo, there is the inner gangster coming out again. I think I’ve been spending too much time with my sister)

Ali my TNN buddy: Super huge thanks from driving a million miles away to get to me. I just don’t get why they spread Auckland out so far. Why not cram it onto a hilly seaside at the bottom of the island? Compact people! It is a good thing for public transport. Anyway, back to Ali, fun times and apologies for the severe hangover. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as when I visited Sarah Bean and had massed at most 3 hours sleep. That didn’t make for a super exciting guest (and I still feel terrible!). The coffee and sandwich did wonders and I made it back to Welly without carking it on the way. You are fab. Thanks for the great time.

And that’s about it for my feel-good bloggy friend round up. I think I’m about ready for another holiday already!


2 thoughts on “C’est Mercredi! Zut alors!

  1. yay, sounds like you had an awesome time!!amd aww chickadee, dont feel bad – anyways i always thought your quietness was just me being crap at socialising, so why not just stick with that? 😉xx


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