Devil Child: I will be a mum tomorrow and I will have a baby in my belly.

Me: Oh reeeeally?

Devil Child: Do you have a baby in your belly?

Me: No. (Heeeeeell no.)

Devil Child: GET ONE!

Ermmmm… I don’t think so kid.


In other news, work is cool. People are fun.

All in a day’s work: Sent a freaking email 3 times and forgot to attach the file Every. Single. Time. Received a bunch of irate replies telling me to sort my crap out. Replied to the original sender of an email (with questions for my boss) instead of forwarding it. That could have been seriously disastrous. Also put a phone call from a colleague’s Mum through to my boss.

Oh yuhuh. Perfect employee.

P.S. Yes the picture is entirely unrelated to the post. I thought I’d better get atleast one picture in here as I don’t have anything terribly exciting to tell you. Please forgive me.

8 thoughts on “Belly

  1. Love the photo – what’s it from? I’m picturing one of those gorgeous 1940 blouses…In my last job, I told my boss I loved her via an email. Yep, it was meant for my boyfriend and I replied to the wrong email. I was pleasantly surprised when my boss emailed back to tell me she loved me too!


  2. That made me giggle thanks. The devil child sounds so cool. Mine stuck a nectarine up his shirt the other night telling me it was his baby, when the 11 year old told him he was going to eat it he packed such a tantrum that I let him take his “baby” to bed. šŸ™‚


  3. Yeah we have the baby thing over here too. She’s obsessed with babies and mummies, even things like bits of fruit can be a mummy and baby! haha.Need to return staple gun to you too, let me know when you have a free mo and I’ll bring it over.


  4. PS – who is fouad, why is he in jail, and why should he be freed? Clicked on the banner but still couldn’t figure it out (yes, i am blonde, why do you ask? oh no, wait, I’m actually not, but…)


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