Bits and pieces

These are some carrots from our pathetic attempt at a vegetable garden. In our defense, they are grown in clay. According to my Vegetable Gardening for Dummies book, clay is perhaps the worst soil to try and grow anything edible in. But we did! (Just) These little morsels are perhaps a few centimetres long. People pay decent money for ‘baby carrots’ right? It’s all in the marketing – I hardly think these babies would be as delicious if they were described as they really are: “Stunted”

A hoodie for one of Hannah’s little buddies who has just turned 4.

And a little mixed media thingymajig I made before Christmas (for them… but didn’t finish it on time) so I painted the unpainted edges and voila! Another gift to go with the hoodie. Inspired by the Nickle Nackle Tree by Lynley Dodd. Seriously cool book.

And Hannah’s idea of a well put together outfit. Excuse the shite exposure. I still haven’t learned how to use digital cameras yet. Give me back my manual student beast any day! On that thing I could actually change things. This little electronic beast just works out all the settings for me. Incorrectly, might I add. Must read the manual at some point.


6 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. Girl! Happy Welly Day. I so enjoyed your posts last week. You are a very very good mum cause you have a sence of excellent humor. Also a top employee for the very same reason, gosh your boss must be touched by all your tender little fups (!), I’d employ you if I could! Carrots are hilarious things anyway, orange of all colors ! Enjoy (for *seconds hee).Thanks again for getting the dress,and meeting up, yeh ’twas fun. X Lies


  2. Wee I for one am impressed by your carrots. Nothing wants to grow in my garden this year. I have the hugest ever brocolli plants, all leaf not even a sniff of anything edible. Blah.Yes, Happy Wellington Day, I’m rather excited about actually living somewhere that has it’s own anniversary and doesn’t borrow Aucklands 🙂Perhaps I can gatecrash your cuppa with Sharon and Katie and show you how to use that camera 😉 xxxx


  3. That’s my perfect hoodie! But alas I’m rather too big for it (and getting bigger as I’ve just finished an entire packet of Snow Toffee Pops which arrived in Kiwi care parcel this morning)Have you read Posy Gets Cosy’s instructions for using your camera on manual? They changed my life (well OK, maybe just my photos…)


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