The best of mates

Jute and Gaz were on babysitting duty again today as Hannah’s creche had a “Teachers Only” day. (Feck them)

Monkey kid didn’t seem to mind as it meant she got a whole day to play with her favourite people!

In other news… I have almost finished another pair of longies for one of my internet buddy’s girlie bump. I just have to stitch them up so will post a pic tomorrow. This time I did frilly legs instead of picot hem. It’s curling like maniac though! I think that’s how it is meant to be.


4 thoughts on “The best of mates

  1. Go you, ya knitting machine.Umm, I have no idea what SharonNz is referring to when she talks about blocking and curling. I thought curling was a sport – lol.<> ( <>


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