Picky pants

These are the longies I made post-blocking (thanks Sharon!). Same pattern as the last pair but with ruffles instead of picot hem.

I’m not convinced of the ruffly bottoms but I needed something ultra girlie for the person I knitted them for.

I also screwed up the kitchener grafting. Oops. Luckily you can’t see it as it is between the legs. *phew*

So now I am haaaaaanging out for my French knitting patterns.


7 thoughts on “Picky pants

  1. I second the super-woman comment! I can barely find time to craft and I don’t have a toddly taking up my at-home time. Those pants are lovely. What yarn and pattern did you use? Must add this to my list of projects…


  2. Well… let’s just say that Tobin and Hannah are awfully neglected of late.Actually, who am I kidding? They were always neglected! heheAnd oops… forgot to add the details (though they are on Ravelry) – The Wool Company, Watermelon is the yarn (you MUST stop in Utiku if you are ever heading North) and using the Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants pattern.http://www.littleturtleknits.com/pages/diaperingpatterns.php


  3. Craft Fetish is being fiddled with I think! Rats đŸ˜¥ Hopefully back on soon.And K – a few months… but that was because I gave up on them and went back to knitting Tobin’s scarf and a few dishcloths in between! hehe They are super quick because you knit in the round and just knit and knit and knit in circles. Great fun!And yeah, longies = baby pants. Usually for wearing over cloth nappies and so have to be atleast 75% wool.


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