Killer boots man!

Kate? Movie line! Just for you. Do ya get it? Do ya?

Anyway, they aren’t boots. But shoes. But they are definitely killer, in more ways than one.

They are my new favourite shoes. Heels even. I am totally in love with their squarey wide toe goodness. And they were eternally comfortable to wear… for the first 5 minutes.

Then they proceeded to rub my toes into blistery smithereens. And then I did something to my ankle… I don’t know what but it is still hurting tonight and I wore them yesterday. Booooo.

I think I just need more practice. The pain is worth it.

In other news, sat through the world’s most boring meeting today. But I did learn an awful lot about the politics of development in New Zealand! Verrrry interesting. I think that’s probably the hardest part of my job :/

And I received the most gorgeous dress in the world from Lies and Kimberlee’s Anemone Crafts shop. But silly Hannah decided that it was a matter of life and death that she wore it to creche today and then I couldn’t find it when we went to leave. Must hunt on Monday as I would be devastated if we lost it (without getting a blog pic!)

The cards are also really super cool Kimberlee. I must get writing and spread word of the revolution!


5 thoughts on “Killer boots man!

  1. ok, that dress is heaven.and i have to confess that i googled the movie line cos it didn’t ring a bell and now i know, and i did watch (snippets of) <>wayne’s world<> the other night and was even talking today about <>dumb and dumber<>.see, i do like mike myers as shrek and i *love* the persona of austin powers (hubby and i had an austin party when we left The Big Smoke, yes, i even had the smoking jumblies outfit lol) but i am sensing that i’m gonna get a bottle of red and a stack of ole nineties MM flicks and watch ’em. er, next friday night, you doin’ anything?lol Xooo PS check this out, have you come across the manolo shoe blog?? um, it’s not The Manolo, it’s The Other Manolo lolsheesh, that was l-o-n-g and convoluted and i really need to hit the sack X


  2. oh flippin hecknow it’s proven beyond a doubt that *i* am dumb and dumber and am a movie lines fraud. a movie fraudster.yep, it’s jim carrey and jeff daniels.not mike myers at all.but i still think i’ll have a MM movie fest next friday night.sheesh.should’ve gone to bed *before* posting comment X


  3. Very cool, very cute, very awesome shoes.And what a sweet little dress!!! By the way, a quilt – wow, you sure have some mad awesome sewing skills. Look forward to seeing what you conjure up.<> and Katie, you crack me up <>


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