Uninformed political diatribe

Can it be a diatribe if it is on a blog?!? I don’t care. It can be today.

So. Yes. Ranting.

You know what is driving me a bit mental at the moment? Election year.

People all over the show are spurting out bullshit in order to influence the vote of the uninformed and generally of low intelligence majority of the population.

Admittedly, my information thus far has come from listening to the Rock on the way to creche this morning and then looking up a few things on the net. But this is my blog and I reserve the right to rant on in a completely uninformed way. (Note the hypocrisy: calling the voting population uninformed and then doing the same myself. haha. Like I said – MY blog. 😉 )

First gripe – John Key’s boot camps for teens. What the feck? How exactly are you going to FORCE delinquent teens (because those are the ones ‘we’ are concerned about) to go to a boot camp when many people have already been trying to force/persuade/bribe them to behave like good citizens? And how exactly is this going to deal with the underlying issues of poverty, child abuse, self esteem, education?

And exactly how many of these deliquent teens are we proposing to reform with these boot camps to make it worthwhile?? Because a 100% success rate is VERY unlikely. Putting ALL teens through a ‘boot camp’ isn’t exactly ideal from a cost perspective, so does it become just the deliquents? And how do you decide who is deliquent enough?

I think John Key has been watching too many ‘Bad Kids Gone Good’ reality TV shows.

Second gripe – Referendum on section 59. (Note: VERY anti-smacking here) They propose a referendum with two questions.

1.) “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in
New Zealand?” proposed by Sheryl Savill
2.) “Should the Government give urgent priority to understanding and addressing the wider causes of family breakdown, family violence and child abuse in NZ” proposed by Larry Baldock.

From: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO0702/S00312.htm

I believe the questions are contradictory. Yeah, I get the ‘wider causes’ business, but I believe the bill impacts on the wider issue by encouraging parents to get a handle on alternative discipline techniques and isn’t that part of dealing with child abuse? Apart from the criminality issue (and I know this gets into contentious territory here), smacking to me is an outdated parenting technique. Admitedly, I have a (relatively) well behaved 3 year old girl… but I still believe that there are other means of discipline that can be used. And it’s a fine line between smacking and abuse. I personally would be as far back from that line as possible… if that means that smacking a child is criminal, then so be it! As far as the law has been imposed thus far, those prosecuted have been sent to parenting courses. Good!

So how bout some effort put into making sure parents have access to parenting courses to improve the way they raise their kids and perhaps it might make some difference to both the issues mentioned here!

P.S. I am also really annoyed at people blaming THE GOVERNMENT for this kind of crap. Sort your own shit out.

The End.


7 thoughts on “Uninformed political diatribe

  1. John Key is just saying what the oldies want to hear. He’ll probably win the election but more because Labour lost than National won. Make sense? Which is the lesser of two evils…or two space cadets really.


  2. Hon what a cute word that diatribe.Now I just dont like those conservatives so sorry. Those camps reek of dangerous sloganesque claptrap to me! How’bout putting some decent money into the social sector Johnny man, some of these kids are born into misery and no one cares a shit apart from sensation-horny-media and right wing political manipulators. Yeh, lets put them in camps : that must be one of the oldest (AND saddest)non-problem-solving dirty tricks in the book, sigh… As for the smacking-saga I just wanna say, if you are a parent or guardian and you think it’s ok to discipline your/any child on their body, I’m NOT sorry, I just can’t understand and accept that. Would you want to be hit if you made a mistake? Causing bodily harm is a serious crime, simple, and cloaking this under the ‘private family ethics’ is unforgivable. And please stop pussy-footing around the ‘what-is-smacking-really’-polemic…Heh sorry for all this diatribing, no offence to any-one, it’s just close to my heart. X Lies


  3. hear hear nikki! 😀 the boot camps are the most spectacular ambulance-at-the-bottom-of-the-cliff manoeuver ever!and the s59 repeal was just closing a loophole, nothing more. i *wish* people would grasp that!(lovely pic of han in the ballet outfit btw!!)


  4. Goodness, I’m pretty certain now that we’re twins who were separated at birth (and separated by about 7 years).We’re a very staunch no hitting house – there is no way that violence is ever a legitimate way to get what you want, no matter what your age! And how is that that John Key has education and youth justice so confused?


  5. I was talking to a police officer and he said the anti smacking law would work mainly to stop serious child abuse.For example, if they arrived on the scene of a domestic dispute and a child had been beaten, there is no way the parent would be able to hide behind ‘oh it was just a spanking’if the anti smacking law was in place…. this is just his theory. though I have heard that some foster parents are a bit afraid of this law. In extreme cases they may need to physically restrain a violent child in order to stop her from harming self or others. Though physical discipline is always illegal for foster parents, could their actions be misinterprited in the above scenario? I’m not sure but the fear of that possibility is becoming an issue. -kimberlee ps hope you found the dress


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