Cushions Aplenty

‘Cos I can, I made a mosiac of my cushiony inspiration. This weekend’s mission is to make cushions. Not sure why the top middle pic is missing but I’m sick of fecking around with flickr so the mosiac is staying like that. So there.


3 thoughts on “Cushions Aplenty

  1. I’ve been meaning to send you a reply to your lovely msge on Ravelry, but I’ve been naff at all that stuff. Trying harder this year. Oooh, I like those cushions. Been looking at our cushions tonight as I stitch up busted seams from some frenzied wrestlemania games we’ve been having here. I’m feeling antsy about the cushions now, dagnabbit. Enjoy your stitch nightcheers, A.


  2. Thanks for the cushion inspiration!Now I want to make cushions instead of all the other things on my very long craft to-do list. Hope the SnB night goes well. I’d love to join your lunchtime knitting posse ‘cept I work in the deep dark depths of the Hutt. Oh well.


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