I decided to scan this photo tonight as it has been deteriorating over the years (bogus fix – or someone was lazy like we were in photography class and worked out you didn’t have to fix a photo as long as the teacher said… handy when you are trying to churn out your bursary boards in a few weeks!). Anyway, I needed to document it as I love this photo.

My maman is preggo with Jutie kid, me as a toddly toad (must be about 20 months old), and my daddio walking on the farm in Mamaku. I don’t know whether it was the farm on Arahiwi Road (where we lived with Jute was born) or the farm on SH5 (where I was born and we moved back to after Arahiwi Rd) – Dad?!? Do you know?

There is another pic around that I want to get hold of. Maybe I’ll track it down and break it out blog-wise.

And oooooer – hosting a stitch n’ bitch tomorrow night here! I’m so excited! Will be able to finish my arm warmers and make some headway into the longies I started today while sitting in Manners Mall. Didn’t even get strange looks! (Well, truth be told, I was concentrating on not screwing up the knitting) I think we need a lunchtime knitting posse. Anyone wanna come join me for some Cuba/Manners knitting at lunchtime? Surely there are some Welly knitty kids out there?


5 thoughts on “Family

  1. Just for your info this pic was posed for the Waikato Times photographer in an interveiw @ Arahiwi Rd post me winning the Skellerup NZ Young Farmer of Year in 1986. There was another of the same series with Bruce (one of Jessie 1’s puppies licking your face)which made it to print in the Waikato Times and generated serious public concern about how many permanently disabling diseases you may have caught in the process!!!!


  2. Wish I could come knitting in welly with you. Sounds cool, so does the stitch and bitch! I grew up on a farm in the Wairarapa, miss it sooo much (should have married a farmer!)


  3. Hi NikkiWe live in Mamaku – actually just round the corner from Arahiwi Rd – on the corner of Maire & Tarena Streets.I also lived in Wellington for 8 years back in the late 80’s and early 90’sAint it a small world?Love your blog.Stacey


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