Saturday sewing

So, I finally got my kiddo to sleep and managed to sew. Managed this cushion and may try and whip up another now.

Got Jutie kid to model the lace-up fingerless gloves from Alterknits. I lurve them. (Excuse mess – it’s the computer side of the room and therefore has cables and crap strewn everywhere)

And miracle of all miracles, got Hannah to wear her hair up this morn – and KEEP IT UP! She wanted pig tails so I gave her what she wanted! It seems forcing a red-headed devil child to look the way you want just gives reason to rebel.

Excuse terrible photos today. I think I figured out the terrible exposure is somehow linked to a drunken episode where I dropped the camera. Think I broked the light sensor. Oops. Fuzziness is due to laziness.


7 thoughts on “Saturday sewing

  1. Love the cushion. Have been meaning to do one since I saw them on the tinyhappy blog 🙂Hannah looks cute with her hair like that!And arrgh, she still sleeps during the day! Man, I’m so jealous!


  2. sheesh, i love that you KEEP ON KEEPING ON. you have enthusiasm and creativity and *just do it*i have made nothing since early december, am feeling “in a cave” about it all.i do have a few swirling thoughts, just need to get some stuff out and get going… sometime… X


  3. Gasp! It’s all so very divine. The pillow, the gloves and your darling little girl – I want the lot. Starting with Hannah – I want to steal her so we can play dress up – she’s so gorgeous!


  4. Aw thanks ladies 🙂 It’s the positive comments that keep me going! (And the need to get through my giant bins of yarn and fabric. hehe)P.S. Forgot to mention that I cut off all the birds heads on the pillow. haha. The pieces were all little scraps and I cut rather close to the birds (out of necessity) and after I had overlocked, their heads had disappeared! Ah well…


  5. who put a nickel in you? you’re a crafting maniac… every post you seem to have some major project finished!I tried to make luke a t-shirt yesterday which was nearly a disaster:(oh hanny, I want to cuddle you. what a cutie!-kimberlee


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