Frou Frou

Of the fabric and Megan Rose kind.

First the fabric – Global Fabrics is having a sale. There goes my savings!
And then onto the womanly frou frou kind. I blog stalked up a storm and convinced Megan from Frou Frou Frippery that I wasn’t actually a creepy 60 year old man. She joined me for a lovely lunch at Matterhorn and we talked and talked and talked. I think I convinced her that she should tell everyone giving her crappy parenting advice to feck off and she indulged me by telling me she thought the Devil Child was cute and that my knitting was cool. So I officially love her.

Many more lunches to come I think… though we may have to resort to sandwiches in the park as this socialising thing is going to cut into my fabric budget! Oh, and I need to meet the cutie kid who is commonly know as Remy. Next time I tell ya… next time.

Right, I’ve got a TV fix to attend to.

6 thoughts on “Frou Frou

  1. Don’t listen to her! She really is a 60 year old man.Oh, snap with the fabric shopping over at Global. I popped in there on my way home and spent waaaaaaaaaay too much money. Sandwiches in the park sounds perfect! I’ll bring Remy next time too.


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