Killing me softly

Knitting that is. Is there such thing as ‘Knitters Elbow’? Because mine hurts like hell. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I had slammed it on but then it dawned on me… I have been knitting virtually every spare minute that I have! My poor elbows have not known such bending for such time! Boo hoo poor me. I don’t intend to stop. I am loving knitting more than anything else in the world right now. I mean, I love sewing too, but it’s hard to sew now with work, the boyfriend, the kid, the housework etc (Used to be able to ignore study, boyfriend and child with ease, feeling the guilt these days!). Especially as I am what Amy Karol refers to in ‘Bend the Rules’ as a Speed Demon. It’s quantity, not quality baby. (You see why I’ll never go into business crafting!?) I can only sew if I have a designated couple of hours, and it has to be projects that I can finish within the allotted time. I don’t drag shit out.

Knitting, strangely enough, is the exact opposite. Yet I can cope! There is no speed demoning about my poking needles, splitting wool and exaggerated throws! But still, I like that I can fit it around other stuff. Whip it out while watching Shorty St (yes.) or reading the kid a story. (Well, I’ve not quite mastered that art – but I’m close… so close.) And now I am a bus knitter! I have a designated small project on circulars to minimise the potential to poke out passengers eyes and I make sure I sit on the left-hand side of the bus, but I knit! Productivity on a bus! And I always dreaded using public transport. Silly silly me. It is now my favourite part of working.

Right. Enough rambling. Onto the Devil Child photos. Here is Hannah wearing clothes made by the lovely Lies – get yours here

I managed to get the paint out with dishwashing liquid! YESSSSS!

Oh yeah, and I made the little leggings before we left for Waitangi celebrations. Nothing like sewing on the run (see! Speed Demon!) but I must admit, they look super cute on Devil Child. I’m quietly (or not so quietly) chuffed with myself.


8 thoughts on “Killing me softly

  1. You could have tendonitis also known as “golfers” or “tennis” elbow depending on if it is inside or outside of elbow. This hurts and can be quite debilitating to someone who wants to keep doing the same thing but is not life threatening. If it is this and you want to keep doing stuff wear a band over your forearm muscle to allow the tendons some rest!! Caro’s was a spoofy blue velcro number that came from the physio while mine was a self designed 20mm band cut off a motorbike inner tube.


  2. ha! you and your dad are funny… i just had to say how much i love hannah’s outfit. the lies-made dress with those leggings? just perfect.p.s. hope your arm feels better soon. knitting-related injuries are no fun!


  3. man you’ve got it far worse than I ever did or though I could (the knitting, not the elbow!!!). Love the sewing and the outfit Nix awesome child!! xxxx Maman


  4. Looks like the 140% gene you get from both your Grandmothers is still working . . . and Gran says “hope Nicki takes some Arnica”!!!!


  5. Oh sweet sweetness!!! First : sorry bout arm hon, chuck it to da Tobin, 2008= time men did some knitting (OR DADDIO of course!)Second : oh. she. is. so. cute. Thanksomuchdearforallthatlovelypublicity. May I use on our blog? Wow I’m so glad its really suits her.jawfk (that is my wordverification, quite appropriate?)!X Lies


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