When life gives you lemons…

make Lemon Meringue Pie! And in this case, life = Sam (my co-worker)

His Mum apparently has the world’s best producing lemon tree and he brings a bag full of lemons to work each week.

This week I was first in so received the bulk of them. *muhahaha*

Now to actually DO something with them!


5 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. Great photo. My first ever lemon tree has not only not died, it’s about to flower for the first time. Soon I’ll have lemons and I have never used a lemon in my life. You’re welcome to a bunch when it fruits.


  2. lemon bread is another option if you are feeling a bit too tired to take in the pie.anyway, thanks for the photo post and link, han looks really cute. she’s totally got ‘tude. (wow I am embarrassing myself here.)-kimberlee


  3. Check out the lemon muffin recipe in the OB recipe section too. Truly, truly awesome and easy! Drooling thinking about them now….Loving the latest pictures too, gorgeous!


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