First attempt at stitchin’

So, after Louise posted her embroidery inspiration, I really decided to take the plunge and give it a go. I knew there was linen in the Global Fabrics sale so missioned off there to buy up large (again).

Checked out Sublime Stitching and had a look at how to form some basic stitches and I was set!

I sort of neglected to plan out a design but decided to wing it with something geeky and kiddified… though I would have really liked to do something like Leah. hehe.

The letters were wonky. The heart was cheesy. But now I’ve decided I like it! (Embroidery… not that particular design. Actually I don’t like it at all – but that’s not the point.)


5 thoughts on “First attempt at stitchin’

  1. Careful, one minute you’ve got some linen and a few threads, the next you’ve got a pile of linen, cotton in various colours, patterned fabrics that might look good stitched on, and are weighing up the benefits of DMC vs Anchor.


  2. oh clever! i wish i had the patience for that sort of thing. most i can handle is a couple of daisy stitches haha and look at your progress bars over there…you really are addicted hehe


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