Paths to redheadeddevilchild

I was reading a metal blog the other day (OK… Tobin was reading a metal blog) and the guy was having a laugh about all the search paths that people used to get to his blog. I remembered a really funny one that had ended up with me so I thought I’d go back and look to see what people have been searching for when they click the link to me. Counting down from number 8. Actually I couldn’t decide on an order (except for the favourites) so they are sorta randomly numbered.

8. ‘tales of the red haired devil child’/’mother of the red head devil child’ – I can only assume you were looking for me. Good times – welcome aboard!

7. boot camp kid photo’ – I fail to understand how searching for this inspired to click on my link? Slightly off topic.

6. ‘devil badges for blogs’ – really? why would you do that? I can only assume some 16 year old satanist blogger was really disappointed when he clicked the link here.

5. ‘alphabet of the devil’ – what exactly is this ‘alphabet of the devil’? It may just send me off on my own little foray into googling the intricacies of devil worship.

4. ‘frou frou petticoats’ – bet that was a bit of a let down. You really should have just clicked on the link to Megan’s blog where you’d have had MUCH more luck.

3. ‘devil child pictures’ – devil child pics aplenty on here! Probably not the kind you are looking for though. Perhaps you were looking for this delightful image? [Side note: turns out if you google ‘devil child’ in the image search, it clocks up a pic of me before it does a pic of Han. Interesting.]

2. ‘ knitting and tennis elbow’ – I KNOW!!!! Thankfully I seem to be over mine. Perhaps it is because I switched from knitting to embroidery.

And there is a tie for numero uno. The best search paths to my blog both are apparently trying to say something…

  • ‘blog mother losing friends’ – apparently whoever searched this has an unnatural amount of insight into my life or they are psychic. Scary.
  • ‘fat red head kid’ – are you calling my kid fat? Excuse me? Unimpressed.



9 thoughts on “Paths to redheadeddevilchild

  1. I have a stat counter to see if people actually read this blog… so if numbers start to decline then I know not to keep rambling on about the searches that lead to my blog… or I know when people think my knitting is crap.http://www.statcounter.comPretty basic but it does what I need – I can tell if the CIA is checking me out. Well… actually, I think they’d disguise their paths if they did check me out so maybe I wouldn’t know. Rats.


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