Secret Project

Let me start by saying that I love how stalky blog land is. From the lovely Sarah commenting on my last post, to the gorgy Apple of my Eye lady that I had a great conversation with the other day – bloggy friends just rock my world. Quick plug while I’m at it. BRILLIANT stuff in Apple of my Eye. I bought one of these the other day because it was just so cute. I’m usually of the ‘buy something practical for baby present’ persuasion, but I couldn’t go past the t-shirts. And she has them in size 4. hrmmmm.

Anyway, here is the Secret Project. Let me tell ya a few things I learned while doing it.

a) I can’t embroider straight lines. But who cares. Straight lines are for wusses. And people who are anal retentive. (Or actually know what they are doing).

b) Use a water soluble fabric pen next time. Idiot.

Apologies for the photo quality. It was taken on my phone. It was just a clever ploy to prevent you seeing all the shite stitching. haha But anyway, second time embroidering from a very obvious anti-perfectionist.

Must be off – I have a night of knitting ahead! Seems it is turning into quite the Friday social event.

8 thoughts on “Secret Project

  1. Ha, a Friday night full of knitting is what I have planned too, interspersed with reading blogs. It sure is a funny blogging world isn’t it because I’m Sarah’s Mum, and Melissa’s too!


  2. Ohh, that’s is very cool …. your so super crafty.Apparently there’s no straight lines in nature … it all adds character.Can I ask you something? I’m going to anyway. If you are using embroidery cotton, what type of needle do you use … I want to do some blanket stitch with embroidery floss around an applique …. it’s cotton on cotton and my normal needles don’t seem to want go through. I’m heading to spotlight later for a gander.


  3. Spotlight have these felt pens that are purple at one end, white at the other. The purple fades in 2-14 days (or faster depending on how new the pen is) and the white rubs it out right away. They’re awesome for embroidery.


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