A HOLE lot of fun.

I’ve been knitting longies for a friend’s new baby for a couple of weeks now and had abandoned them for a week while I worked on the secret swallow project. I took them around to my knitting night with Jamara and was all set to work on them when I realised I’d forgotten the ball of yarn to start the next leg. IDIOT. Argh. Can’t explain my frustration! Anyway, I managed to scrounge some knitting from J and got my knitting fix. It’s SO about the relaxing feeling you get when knitting.

Then I picked up the longies as I was leaving and WHAT DID I SEE!?!

A HUGE FREAKING HOLE! Honestly. ARGHHHHHHHH! I may have sworn a lot and disturbed the chi surrounding J’s house. Apologies for that. Actually, I think I disturbed it as I walked in. I am not a terribly relaxed person.

So apparently somewhere along the leg I managed to drop a stitch and not notice. Rats rats and more rats. I think it must have been when transporting it in my handbag so I could knit on the bus. Damn you double pointed needles of death.

But upon very sage advice from the eternally wise J… I’m just going to sew it up and hope no one notices. ha.

2 thoughts on “A HOLE lot of fun.

  1. I love that colour!Just wanted to boost your stat counter 😛Okay, I really need to finish the present for the bday party tomorrow, off to sew now.


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