A new home for pins

My pins have a new home after following the tutorial from Leah’s blog which you can find here. Easy for sewing novices like myself but very cool and my sister will be thanking Leah for the fact that she will no longer end up with stray pins in her butt.

The pink fabric was the stuff purchased in its giant bulkiness with the ladies on the Nappy Network so it ended up to be something ridiculous like $1 per metre. YUSSS.

My only issue is that now I need a few of them so that I can keep my needles for embroidery in one… my pins by my machine… then a transportable pin cushion for when I am cutting out fabric! Next weekend perhaps.

Right, off to get a cup of tea and sit down for some knitting and Grey’s Anatomy. What a brilliant combination.


7 thoughts on “A new home for pins

  1. Ooh, yay for Grey’s …. I was “blanket stitching” last night with a cuppa java whilst getting my weekly fix.I soo need to make a pin-cushion. Mine has gone walkies, and picking pins out of a container with bare fingers is not much fun – lol. Your’s look great, neat fabric combo.


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