Blog Stalking

I always knew that I excelled at Blog Stalking… well… cyber stalking really as forum stalking has quite a bit to do with that.

Anyway, lately I have become increasingly brilliant at accosting people in the street (or shop, or at childcare centres) and exposing them in their bloggy brilliance.

Yesterday I managed to waylay the lovely Mindy of Juniper Gallery and Sew Cherry fame who was trying desperately to get out of the childcare centre where her gorgy son goes (alongside my devily demon). I luuuuurve her shop and especially her Sew Cherry stuff. I had suspected she was of the crafty sort as her kiddos are too cutely dressed to be otherwise.

So if you have a blog. BEWARE – I am on the loose. I will approach you and rabit on for hours minutes about how cool you are. Yuhuh.

3 thoughts on “Blog Stalking

  1. Well, you can stalk mine all you like – it’s soo not cool! haha. Maybe one day I will update it 😛 Oh and I’m used to your rabbiting on anyway Nikki 😉 Just kidding!


  2. you crack me up! I love your blog and I love that you love it and are proud to put people in a headlock and tell them. just kiddin’ bout the head lock thing…unless you have actually done that! Really though thanks heaps for the kind words bout the shop and stuff. ps. your daughter’s pretty darn cute herself. devil-schmevil she’s an angel.-mindy


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