A year

It’s been a year since Kas died. We’re all 23 and even though he was older than most of us, he remains 22.

Photo unceremoniously stolen from Ni’s bebo page as my pics are all up in my cupboard. Thanks Ni!

It’s been a weird year. I mean, it isn’t as though I saw Kas that often but I guess when you know you can’t then you think about it more. It happens at crazy times… while driving to uni… having a shower… cooking dinner.

As far as I’ve heard, the unveiling is this weekend in Rotorua. I’m not sure if I can make it so I thought I’d atleast take the time to do a geeky little blog post about him.

I’ve been meaning to make a CD for ages of all the songs that remind me of him. There are heaps. So anyway, here are some other things that the songs make me think of:

1. Kas almost throwing me into a wall at dance practice for Stage Challenge while trying to do the Dirty Dancing lift.
2. Kas running red lights through Hamilton when we were trying to get to Auckland for a play for English. We didn’t make it… the play that is. We made it out alive, just.
3. The road trip to the snow with Gembee and the unveiling of Mr. Mysterious.
4. Kas forcing me out of the house for the first time after having Hannah.
5. Kas and his drunken musings on life.
6. Trying to decifer his handwriting.
7. Hanging out in the dark room. Perhaps the only subject Kas attended at school.
8. Singing Creep and wooing the judges in the talent quest.
9. Kas befriending all of our parents.
10. Kas refusing to get a cell phone as “those things cause brain cancer man” – ironic.

Peace be the journey.


6 thoughts on “A year

  1. Hey Nikki, i have been doing a bit of research on my brother and would like to put together a book about him, and came across your blog. It's now been 6 years since our beloved bro passed away and I would like to send a huge thankyou for your message!! 🙂


  2. Hey Amanda,
    I can't believe it's been that long – we still talk about him all the time.
    I would love to hear how you go with the book. I'm sure there's heaps of photos of him around if you need any of the Heights crew to send anything through. Just let me know.
    Hope you guys are all well. Thanks for your message


  3. I new your brother well i was there the day he saved tony dehar and forget the other persons name at maketu new kas pretty well was a good guy one song that reminds me of him is p diddy and fAith evANS ill be missin you


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