Last night I sewed the night away and made Hannah a twirly skirt based on tutorial from House on Hill Road. Minus the elastic as everything that I had was too wide.

Please excuse the photos, the kiddo was none too co-operative, our house is a mess, and I tried my best to hide the pigsty that is our pantry.

In the first photo you get a glimpse of the awesome plastic bag holder I sewed the other night. I mean, my particular model isn’t exactly of the awesomely sewn variety, but it made quick work of the trillions of plastic bags floating around in our pantry. We try our best not to get them at the supermarket but they seem to gravitate toward us. At the markets I walk up with loose fruit and the people at the stall put it in bags despite my protests. ARGH. Anyway, now they have a home.
Pantry fully revealed in this pic. Damnit. Too lazy to try and black it out and was needed for reference point.


3 thoughts on “Twirling

  1. funny, i wrote about my twirly girly yesterday too. and i am very very excited that someone else’s pantry looks like mine…very touched by your post on kas, yes: peace be the journey X


  2. Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding! Your pantry looks beautiful in comparison to mine! Gorgeous fabric on that plastic bag holder. And love the skirt – way out of my league at the mo – I can’t even figure out instructions on a pattern for a basic bag!! (AliGeorge, btw)


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