The obsession continues

I dream about them. I buy magazines because of them. I draw little pictures of what they are going to look like. I search for them on flickr. I add a trillion pictures of them to my favourites. I make a little mosaic. I post about it on my blog.

The obsession is taking over. Today I made two cushions. In my mind they were fabulous. In reality they looked like crap. Ah well. They can’t be worse than the two cushions I had bought from the Salvos thinking they were so cool because they were handmade. Thrifting lesson learned: just because it is handmade, doesn’t mean it is cute. People make hideous things. I am the perfect illustration of this.
The hungover one tested them out. I think she had a big one last night. I was receiving texts at about 8pm to do with her friend who makes chili sauce and travels the markets was feeding her whole chilies. As far as I am aware, he grows them to be as hot as hot can be. You’d have to be pretty drunk (or stupid… though I wouldn’t put that past her) to eat one.

And I had to throw this picture in from our walk yesterday. Because Hanny monkey defoliator extraordinaire is cute. Despite the defoliating. I am trying desperately to teach her about leaving flowers and leaves attached to trees. Especially after she beheaded my friend’s snap dragons the other day. The ones she had lovingly grown from babies.

In other news, I played a game of soccer today. I was coerced into organising a “friendly” game of soccer (or football!) between the non-governmental organisations we work with and the corresponding government department. It was fun but holyyyyyyy moley am I unfit. The 15 minutes halves felt like HOURS. Torture I tell you. There is a gym downstairs at work and all my workmates go during their lunch hour… I hate gyms, but if I can somehow lessen the puffing and wheezing and red-faced effect that any form of exercise has on me then maybe it’s worth a go?


3 thoughts on “The obsession continues

  1. You are so clever. I can’t sew. A single stitch. I have to get Mr Music to sew buttons on things! It’s a tragedy. Anyway, I am becoming a buddhist. Why do you want to know that? Well, I need a meditation cushion (preferably plus-sized for my mammouth butt), and you, being Miss Wellington herself, must know a local store full of cushiony goodness?


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