Planning the family

I can’t recall if I have rambled on about this before… probably, and definitely to some of you in real life but I will ramble about it again, just in case.

I was just speaking to someone from our floor at work. For a bit of background info, we have a whole lot of organisations who work on the same floor and make up the ‘Centre for Global Action’ – so I know the lovelies who work at my organisation very well and all the rest, not so well. So here I was, in the kitchen, knitting away and one of the girls from the floor came in and commented upon my faaaaabulous knitting. Well, actually she didn’t call it fabulous but I’ll BET she was thinking so. Taking advantage of this completely, seeing that she was of childbearing age and due to the fact that I was knitting a soaker to go over cloth nappies, I launched into my cloth nappy conversion spiel. She was interested. Yuss. But the conversation led on to me and the fact that I have a Devil Child. As usual, I divulged my life story (just try and stop me!) and she asked if I was going to have any more. After almost regurgitating my lunch, I replied in the negative… or atleast not for a loooooooooong time. I went on to explain that I was going to wait until Hannah was of the age where she could virtually raise my next child with minimal input from me. She replied “So basically you’ve just given birth to your babysitter?” And you know what? She was right on the money. Oh how Hannah is going to haaaaaaaate me. *muhahahaha*


4 thoughts on “Planning the family

  1. Catching up… again… good luck blog stalking ME, young lady! LOL!You’ve been busy busy busy! What lovely crafting you’ve been doing!Keep up the good work!


  2. can’t bring myself to comment on the *more kiddos* chat lolbut i am really feeling the love from the delectable little package you sent me, i love WORDS, you really filled up my Lurve Tank lol<>mille bisous<> (i think)X


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