Feck. I forgot a title.

More Tropicana from The Wool Company. I know you are probably sick of all this variegated business, but I’m trying to be good and knit from stash and I’ve had this yarn sitting there for aaaaaaages. But it’s the last for a while – I promise!

I used the Punk Knitter’s soaker pattern but elasticated the waist instead of doing an i-cord, purely because I think I am clever being able to do an elasticated waist. I know it’s simple… but I cling to the little things alright? And for those who are wondering – what the hell is that? It’s a cover to go over a cloth nappy. Wool is fantabulous for its ability to keep ya warm when wet, yet breathe, and absorb 30% of its weight or something like that. I just like it. Can ya tell?

And I received my Mixtape zine today. Weeee. It’s a fun read. Especially on the bus. As you may be able to tell, my particular zine has been well flicked through already. Lunch may be in evidence on some of the pages. In fact, you can’t open the pages detailing how to make your wallet greener as I had a lemon curd cr
êpe for lunch and spilled the lemon curd EVERYWHERE (including inside my wallet… how is that even possible?) and it’s awfully sticky stuff. (Oh yeah, and the French chick tried to speak to me in French but I couldn’t hear her properly and then she just gave up on speaking French to me and I was so embarrassed!! Waaah) Back to the zine – Megan from Scent of Water is in it, as well as quite a few other cool bloggers. It’s given me a lot to browse through and definitely a lot of inspiration for crafty stuff.

Oh yeah, and yes I did [badly] photoshop out my terrible skin and messy room in the pic. Photoshop rocks. I don’t know how to use it except to do those two things – which is all I ever may need. On reflection I probably could have got rid of the double chin too but let’s not be toooo unrealistic huh? People would be horribly disappointed if I happened across them in the Real World.

In line with reading on the bus – I saw a crocheter on the bus the other day! Awesome! I almost went up and high-fived her but she didn’t seem the type that’d high-five so I restrained myself. Then I almost tried to figure out how to put my phone camera on silent so I could take a sneaky photo of her (I’m trying to one-up the Bean’s sneaky photos) but then realised that she could probably sue me to pieces for posting a pic of her on the net if she ever stumbled across it. Anyway, she looked cool. Older than me. Not sure how old but her hair was grey… but could have been purposely grey if ya know what I mean? She was wearing uber-cool boots too. Oh yes, I want to be her.


5 thoughts on “Feck. I forgot a title.

  1. There is something very freeky about this post (nappy) and the previous (baby) sweet. Perhaps ya will have that family plan happening unconsciously? Hee hee I can just see that cute Hanna charging hourly daycare rates for changing the wooly (but soaky soaky!)nap. Love your writing hon, you’lways make me smile…X Lies


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