Stripy socks and the crochet lady

I know what you are thinking… and yes, I did go a little mad in photo shop. But it was fun. And I like it. I think I intend to do a whole bunch more of this photo-doctoring business… it makes my legs look good. Or maybe it’s the socks?

Hrmmm… upon reflection my legs look a tad alien-like just floating there. Ah well.

Anyway, I bought stripy socks this afternoon on my way back from Court after being inspired by Helen launching back into full stripy sock mode.

Detour from story: had to go to the Wellington District Freaking Court to get a form to fill out to prevent myself from being summonsed (stupid word if you ask me. Actually, is it a word? It is now sounding strangely foreign) to appear before a big, scary wig-wearing judge. All because some parking warden had a bad day and towed my car in front of my garage last year in July making me think it was stolen. Why am I being called into court now? you ask. Good question. And here is the answer: my lovely father (Hi Dad!) registered my car for me, bless him. But he PUT THE WRONG ADDRESS DOWN. So notices with red stamps all over them saying OVERDUE FINE have been sent to 29A instead of 23A. Very helpful. Let me not even get started on the fact that I shouldn’t have been given the fine in the first frigging place and thought I had well established that with the Wellington City Council. Anywayyyyyyy, back to the stripy socks.

I went on a mission to find stripy stockings but it appears it isn’t yet season for those types of things as Kirkcaldie and Stains only had these knee high socks in stock. Bonus is that they were half price. Full price, I would have had to sell my next child to pay for them… but half price I could handle. I mean, Hannah didn’t mind being sold too much. But that’s not all the excitement that comes with these stripy socks…

I MET THE CROCHET LADY! I did make a promise that I would accost bloggers if I saw them in the street. Turns out the same goes for people I see crocheting on the bus.

To be honest, I embarrassed the crap out of myself. Picture this: young girl slinking around hosiery section in swanky Wellington department store. Young girl picks up bargain pair of stripy socks in swanky department store. Young girl approaches counter and mouth drops open in recognition of the lady behind the counter. Young girl says “Hey, I saw you crocheting on the bus the other day. Very impressed.” Staff member of swanky department store says “Oh yes, I was making a present for my mother.” Young girl continues on, ignoring hints from staff member of department store that she doesn’t give a flying crap if young girl saw her crocheting on the bus, “I knit on the bus and am always really excited when I see someone else doing something similar. Oh yeah, and I blogged about you even!” Staff member/crocheter-on-the-bus has a fleeting look of fear cross her face as well as a bit of befuddlement. I bet she’s thinking ‘what is this blog you speak of?’ She glances around to see where the nearest security guard is. More drivel spews from the mouth of the young girl “Anyway, I just wanted to know that you have an admirer out there.” STOP. NO… really. STOP NOW. Luckily I took notice of myself… except then I said what was to be a bit of a mistake – “So, I’ll see you later.” Considering I had just outed myself as a Complete Stalker, what was I thinking saying “see you later”? I may as well have said “I’ll be hanging around Kirkcaldies waiting for you to finish work so I can follow you home and spy on you forever and ever.” Idiot!

In other news: I received my Knit Picks needles today. Weeeeeeeee. I had started Hannah’s jersey dress but frigged it up somehow and ended up with 2 extra stitches for one sleeve. So I frogged it… but really it was an excuse to use the Knit Picks. They are faaaabulous. The cable is so flexible that it almost sorts out magic loop for ya! I started knitting, realised my circumference was shorter than the needles until the cable just sorta popped out the knitting and I could reach right round. How’s that for magic? I’m in love.


9 thoughts on “Stripy socks and the crochet lady

  1. O M G, So funny, it hurts! Poor lady….oooo, shall I head into K&S and ask if anyone has been accosted by a disturbed young lady buying stripy socks who is a known crochet stalker?And as someone who can’t make one bit of sense out of photoshop…I am impressed, alien legs and all!


  2. lol! honey sometimes I think we are cut from the same fabric. I LOVED your story about crochet lady and the unwanted conversation you forced her into. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! it’s a problem that chatters like us have. I even have a mental picture when I am in one of these moments, like I am flying a small plane only its going down (sort of like the conversation I am in,) and I know I should pull up on the controls (STOP TALKING) but I just can’t because I think I can somehow I can fix it (like turn this awkward conversation into a pleasant one in the end) so my plane just keeps diving until it just crashed into the ocean and sinks (sort of like the conversation) DOes that sound familiar?ps sorry about all the sucky court stuff. -k


  3. Yes just stalk her and sneek your phonecamera in there, cause now even I wanna know what she looks like! Woa the knitting kit is FABULOUS!!! Was it very expensive?Oh sweet hope it all turn out right with that car-mix-up, goodness me!Lies


  4. Ah, so I found your blog. Don’t worry, I wasn’t offended in the slightest. It is great to hear about younger people these days who are involved in craft. I might see you another day on the bus – yours,“Crochet Lady”.


  5. You are histerical! Isn’t it weird how you see people doing somethng that you do and it’s like an automatic connection you think you both have – and then you find out they don’t feel the same! Oh well, I’m sure she wrote about the crazy stalker she had on her “I sell striped socks and crochet” blog.


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