Tales of a crochet stalker and the mystery of the towed car

So now I am too ashamed to even walk past Kirks.

Lies – thank you for your request but I fear I will be slapped with a restraining order. How exactly would I plead against that? “Oh, I’m so sorry about trying to take stealthy photos of you on my shitty camera phone. It’s just that one of my cyber buddies is quite interested to know what you look like after I wrote a detailed description of our encounter and posted it on the internet.” Followed by “Noooooo… don’t take me awayyyyy!! I’m not craaayyyyyyzeeeeeeeee…” Ermmm. Maybe not. Well, not for a while atleast.

Other scenario is that I could just approach her again and be all “Oh hi, remember me? Your friendly stalker! I was wondering if you’d please pose for a photo with me?… Yes? Oh brilliant!” Stalker poses cheerily with a peace sign pulled while Crochet lady stands stiffly beside her, willing the moment to pass quickly.

Oh sheesh, I shouldn’t give myself ideas!

Anyway, the car saga. I went and had words down at the Wellington City Council today. Turns out my car was towed because SOMEONE COMPLAINED! The mystery continues. Who exactly would call up at 11.50pm to report a car parked in front of our garage? I thought after talking to the lady at the Council that perhaps my sister had been vague about where she parked the car that fateful Friday night… maybe vague enough that she could have actually been parked over the neighbour’s driveway? But then I recall reading the ticket and it clearly stated 23A. So definitely not over anyone else’s entrance. So who? And why? And does it even matter?

Apart from that, it is all being sorted. I will not be carted away and have to get Tobin to do a guest blog spot until the end of my incarceration. So you are safe with me. For now.


4 thoughts on “Tales of a crochet stalker and the mystery of the towed car

  1. Oh no! The car saga gets even more complicated!I know, can you cast an actress that looks like her? Of course this actress has to have perfect crochet…Ok back to the drawingboard…X Enjoy ze weekend ma chereLies


  2. OK, how’s this for a plan:Blog reader from capital of a whole different country wanders into Kirks hoisery dept whileon holiday in search of black and white hankies for collection.Sees crochet lady behind counter. Does really hammed up double take and exclaims “are you the famous bus crochet lady I have heard about in Australia?!”Then Blog reader from capital of a whole different country whips out camera, takes picture and posts it on her blog.hey it could be a meme – how many bloggers can manage to snap a picture of famous bus crochet lady? (extra points if you live in another country…)


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