Faces of the Devil Child

Have I ever mentioned that it is near bliming impossible to get a decent photo of the Devil Child? The first was a series of her with eyes the size of saucers. After every photo she’d laugh and laugh and by the time the frigging flash charged back up, she’d be back to pulling stupid faces. Not sure what the second pic was… Hannah being uber serious. And the third is Hannah oinking like a pig. DEEEElightful.

In other news – apparently crochet stalking has a karmic effect. I was accosted by a lady on the bus today when she saw me knitting. Well, when I say accosted, really I mean that she commented on my knitting and I launched in to a full on speech about how knitting is having a revival and REALLY it’s cool. Honest even. Like all the cool kids are doing it. Like me. Yeah. Cool. I may or may not have been trying to convince the rest of the bus that they should also take up knitting. If I see an increase in bus knitters, I think I can claim that I’ve had an effect. Achieved my life’s mission and all that.

I’m still working on Hannah’s dress. “Forest Fairy Princess Dress” to be more specific. I had to name it that as she proclaimed she hated green when she saw the yarn. I’ve tried my best to keep Hannah away from all things princessy, pink, fluffy, and sparkly. I’m a failure. Ah well… it means that every time I want Hannah to do or like anything, if I mention the words ‘princess’ or ‘fairy’ then I can safely say that the Devil Child will develop an unnatural enthusiasm for the event/object/person in question. I’m hoping like hell the ‘Forest Fairy Princess’ thing will last as the dress is turning out to be a tad on the HUGE side, as in, I think it’ll fit me, so the allure of Princesses needs to hang out until she’s about 10 and can finally fit the damn thing.


5 thoughts on “Faces of the Devil Child

  1. Ok pity me for a minute if you will. I have 3 girls. Can you imagine how many years I am going to have do fairies pink sparkly and princess???? LOL. I am really looking forward to seeing the dress. You will have to post some WIP pics 🙂


  2. Yes she is devilishly cute. Heh I’ve a serious aversion for pink and yeh my little toddie luuuurves it. She said ‘pink my fafwit oooooh’. Bweeeeeeeeurk. X Lies


  3. i love these three pictures of her!oh a princess dress,lol. ten year olds in princess dresses ha, there are worse things. like the 12 year olds who still carry babydolls around and treat them like they are real. have you ever seen this? it’s like, GROWUP! or you will never make it through middle school in one piece. okay I cam here to get that lemon pie recipe and seem to have gotten distracted! off to find it and if it owrks out, I’ll let you know!!


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