Tales of the geographically challenged

My sister and I were sitting down in the lounge tonight discussing school and holidays, as we are all heading down to spend Easter with Daddio in Christchurch and Jute was saying that she had a design workshop to go along to. All of a sudden Jute pipes up with “Oh yeah, I’m going to Montreal.” And I’m all “Montreal!? Really?” Jute looks at me blankly and says “Yeah, in a couple of weeks.” I start to wonder what is going on, did she get some amazing design scholarship and they are sending her to Canada? How come it’s such short notice? Are they PAYING for her to go? Crazy! Jealous! Montreal… how exciting! I inquire again – “Actual Montreal? That’s awesome!” Jutes starts to look puzzled, but goes on “Yes. ACTUAL Montreal….. hold there… is Montreal in Dunedin?” Now I am starting to doubt that she is really flying all the way across the world. “Dunedin?” I ask, “No. Montreal is most definitely not in Dunedin.” “Oh,” she replies “I must have my suburbs mixed up.” Why yes, darling sister. You do have your suburbs/countries/continents/hemispheres a tad confused. You mean Mosgiel.* I break the hard news to her. “You mean Mosgiel right? What the hell are you going to Mosgiel for? It’s a shithole.”**

Ahhhh Jute. Your geographical genius never fails to astound me.

* For those not playing the game in NZ, Mosgiel is a suburb just South of Dunedin in the South Island, known for its Hollywoodesque sign on the side of a hill proudly proclaiming ‘Mosgiel’ and is often the subject of ridicule from students who generally reside in North Dunedin.

**Apologies to any readers who may be from Mosgiel. I must admit I state my opinion as an ex-Otago student.


5 thoughts on “Tales of the geographically challenged

  1. That is THE funniest thing I have read in ages. I just snorted my morning coffee all over my computer. Ahhh Mosgiel…… the Montreal of Otago. (Tui Ad anyone)


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