Absence makes the heart grow fonder


Apologies for being away without so much as an explanation. I know you were all probably distraught without me.

And just to make it all better, here is a big rambly post about frigging nothing as my brain is mush.

The reason my brain is mush, is that I have spent the last 3 days at a conference on ‘Power in International Development’. Now I must confess to not actually being a participant at this conference, just the photographer/gopher/part-participant/one-that-has-to-deal-with-all-the
-crap-that-goes-wrong-at-these-things. So with that in mind, I reserve the right to be tired. Very tired.

Anyway, the conference. It has been really interesting, disheartening, and inspiring all at the same time. The best part was perhaps talking to a gorgeous woman from India who works with 900 villages outside Bangalore. I stole this particular participant away to find an internet cafe as the venue (boooo to the venue) has only 2 ancient computers and dial up speed internet. I didn’t know dial up even existed anymore?!? We couldn’t find any internet cafes in Upper Hutt so went to the local pub instead. So over a beer, we talked about “development” and basically what I came out with is that I know nothing. But we all knew that, didn’t we? It was kind of weird… I feel like I have come so far just being involved in this conference and listening to all the actual crap that you have to deal with as a development professional, and then also learning that I don’t know anything about the world and probably never will.

Oh, I’m a ray of sunshine today aren’t I?

Yeah well…. there have been some positives come out of it. One of my uni mates is also at this conference as the employee of NZAID and she feels the same way as me. Yay. Someone else to be miserable with about my inability to affect change in the world.

Gah, this is just getting worse the more I type. Mush I tell you. Brain is mush.

I’ll be back when it is slightly less mushified.


3 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I’m in economic development and every time I go to a conference I feel so bad. Our economy is down right now so it’s hard for anyone anywhere to get anything accomplished. (I hope that made sense…)Blah!


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