Tale of the ridiculously long scarf

I am SO close to finishing the scarf that has been the bane of my existence since I started it in June last year.

If you are a newbie knitter, and want to take one piece of advice from a knitter who has just moved herself out of newbie status, then heed this:

DON’T, whatever you do, KNIT A SCARF.

Especially not one that is 80 stitches wide. Actually, I think I gave up on the 80 stitches and frogged it. Now it is 60 stitches. Still too wide. There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea.

1) Uses feckloads of yarn.

2) Takes forever to reach a desirable length.

3) Your cup of tea is cold by the time you have finished one row.

I could go on.

Anyway, this particular scarf was started because Tobin wanted something to wear that I had made. He did actually suggest that I could do something with rubber-duck-printed polar fleece which would have served just as well, but nooooo…. I wanted something that I wanted him to wear. Frigging control freak tendencies. Do you know how easy a polar fleece scarf would have been? About 10,9346763474 trillion times faster, cheaper, and easier than knitting my stupid scarf.

It’s been 9 months now, and 8 balls of yarn later, the scarf is VERY close to being finished. Tonight possibly. If I get off the internet. Right. Now.


5 thoughts on “Tale of the ridiculously long scarf

  1. ahh, the freaking long wide scarf. made one of them last year, as did a friend of mine. Hers took a whole year…i’m obsessive compulsive about knitting so after a solid month, 8 balls of yarn, it was done. But it was also freaking boring. now i loves it though – so it’s worth it!


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