Rainbow Brite

So yeahhhh… about the scarfff. I didn’t finish it.

But instead I got carried away and made Hannah a dress. Nothing like procrastination induced toddler wardrobe expansion.

Devil Child wouldn’t pose for me so I had to chase her around this morning trying to get a photo on our way out the gate. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough light to get one without major blurring and I didn’t have the luxury of being able to take my time with the shoot. That’s the worst thing about working I think.. no time for blog photo shoots!

The dress is waaaayyyy too big. Hazard of sewing while the kid was asleep. I must confess to sneaking into her room at 10pm and trying to yank the dress on over her head. Didn’t fit and managed to only cause minor spinal damage, so I went and made a ribbon tie at the back. And the kid slept through! Yahoo.

And now, dear people, I must be off to get ready as Tobin and I are going on a date to Amigos for dinner. Woooooo a date! Tobin deserves it as I sorta forgot his birthday on Monday and may have ignored him most of the day on Wednesday when it was our 1 year anniversary. 1 year! I know… SUCH a long time. 😛 Considering that I have the attention span of a newt (I’m not sure what sort of attention span a newt actually has, but mine is short. And newt sounded cool.) a whole year is good. And we don’t appear to be sick of each other yet! Bonus!


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Brite

  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Super-cute dress too. The first thing I thought of was Rainbow Brite, and THEN I saw the blog title. Awww…I loved her. Hannah is a super-cutie too!


  2. woo hoo, a dress and a dinner date??lookit what i’ve been missing the last week since i have been LIVING instead of reading blogs.sheesh.so… details… how was the date??huge congrat’s on the anniversarymwah X


  3. !!!!!I WOULD HAVE LOVE LOVE LOVED this dress at hear age. I would have spun around with my hands outsreatched to the sun, twirling away on the front lawn and singing into my pretend microphone WALKING ON SUNSHINE WHOOAAAA!!! don’t it feel good?yes, yes it does.aces! you are one top mama for making such a splendid dress!


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