Bags galore

So first I made one… I bought vinyl ages ago to attempt to make a messenger bag and only just got around to it for my work mate’s wife. I hope hope hope she loves it. I really enjoyed making it apart from the fact that my machine hates vinyl. Well… actually I am probably just too retarded to know how to sew it successfully but it resulted in a bit of patching by hand on the inside of the bag to hide the loopy thread. Oops.
Excuse this photo – trying to get a pic of a black bag when you are wearing a black outfit before the frigging sun comes up is rather difficult, wouldn’t ya know.

Oh, and the inside. Ya wouldn’t even guess that there is a pile of loopy, tangled black thread in there! Yussss for hiding things.

And thennnnn I went out to the car to leave for work and I found my bag from the Nappy Network bag swap in there. Already! It isn’t due til May. I’m just hoping the lovely Kimber got the months confused and isn’t actually that organised. She puts me to shame.

I love the bag anyway. It’s huge, so will fit my increasing piles of crap… and will mean that when I try and pull out my knitting on the bus, I won’t also eject the whole contents of my bag onto the floor/other passengers. And it’s brown. I love brown. Almost more than life itself. Well done on meeting my incessant demands Kimber. You did it well.

Oh yeah, and more bus knitting stalking. Some girl had a close call with the bus stalker today. I looked up from my knitting to see someone moving their hands around with suspiciously crafty looking movements. My stalking beacon kicked in and I peered to get a closer look… then I realised she was just untangling her Ipod cord. Frig it. I mean, in fairness my crafting often does look like a tangled mass of electrical cords but I was terribly disappointed anyway. Devastated even. Bring back the crochet lady. She was way more fun.

9 thoughts on “Bags galore

  1. So has the crochet lady quit riding the bus?? Did you scare her that bad? Some people just don’t appreciate the “I blogged about you” comment.Cute bag!! I’m a nut for polka dots and paisley.


  2. If you’d been on the Eastbourne bus last night you would have seen a strange woman patting two skeins of merino/possum and merino/ mohair on her lap. That was me with the new pets I bought for knitting budddies back home. No knitting though, too busy playing with merino knit fabric and an overlocker all day…


  3. lol at your stalking, but hey, i *love* the spots!gorgy XPS i just won a bag from my friend sarah in canada, she made me my < HREF="" REL="nofollow">petit sac français<> last april !!!WOO HOO!!!!!


  4. I’ve been wondering about the crochet lady too. You always make me smile. Great minds think alike regarding messenger bags. You might need to get a walking foot for sewing leather or vinyl, I wouldn’t be without one. It really helps with silk, satin and velvet too.


  5. I love the craft stalker bit. I once thought someone on the bus had a really cool phone ear piece as she chatted away and then paused often for reply. I was intrigued to find out that that the phone piece was imaginary.


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