Tall tales from the red-headed devil child

This morning, far too early for my brain to actually function and MUCH to early to have any sort of intelligent conversation, much less deal with the intricacies of a toddler’s mind, I dropped Hannah off to her childcare centre. She took off straight to the painting area and proceeded to cover herself with paint (EVERY day!) while I went about my motherly business – putting away lunch in fridge, depositing lunchbox in lunchbox hole, signing the sign-in sheet and entering the drop-off time (Late. As usual.), hanging the child’s bag up etc. While I was merrily completing these tasks I was approached by one of Hannah’s teachers who gently inquired whether Hannah had perhaps been giving away ‘my secret’.

“Secret?” I asked, “…what secret?” Really starting to fret about what this secret was, given that Hannah had announced to the whole centre that “Gaz farts!” a few days earlier.

The teacher looked at me quizzically, trying to assess the look on my face to see whether it was appropriate that she continue or if I was just a tad thick.

“Hannah mentioned yesterday that you are having a baby.”

“A baby? What the…?” Conversations from the day before flashed back to me, where she had been happily explaining the process of birth on the way to the car from creche. (FYI: It involves a lot of blood and then a baby comes out apparently.)

I managed to communicate the teacher that there was in fact no baby in my belly… despite how convinced Hannah might be to the contrary. And then I mentioned that Hannah also thinks that SHE has a baby in her belly… as in the Devil Child’s eyes, we are all growing little fetuses, biologically possible or not.

So what was Hannah really trying to say?? Did she notice that I have once again pulled out the jeans that had begun to fall off me a year ago?

Damn her. Her and her size 3 jeans.

P.S. On the knitting front – have changed my mind about the pattern for the yummy yarn. I was going to knit Sizzle from Knit and Tonic, but I reeeeally don’t like the colours for me. So will knit it in a different yarn. I think the yummy yarn is destined to be something toddlerific. She’d better appreciate it!

P.P.S. I have finished the “forest fairy princess dress” – well, I will have finished it when I weave in the ends. I’ll post pics but I don’t know about it being modelled as I tried it on and I DO fit it. Tightly… but still. So not sure it’ll be suitable for the kid. May send it as a top to my cousin in Palmy North.

4 thoughts on “Tall tales from the red-headed devil child

  1. Funny! Little girls are always so funny about the whole “baby” thing. They all interpret it a little differently – and then act it out with their barbies…


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