The Manners Street Knitting Posse

The Manners Street Knitting Posse (MSKP) was out in full force today. A force of one. But still a force.

Actually, can it be called a ‘posse’ if there is only one person? Ah well… something to aspire to.

I am absolutely determined I am going to convince someone to join me in some form of craft in Manners Mall… I’ll teach blanket man to knit if I freaking well have to!

I also realise that it may mean a turf battle with the Manners Street Emo Kids (MSEK) but I figure I can bandy around the term “truancy officer” and they’ll scarper back to Wellington High School. Or at the least, they’ll scarper back to the bus stop outside Massey/Wellington High behind which my sister maintains they try and impregnate each other and/or share bad poetry.

There is also some concession to be made on their part, they can have the crêperie down to Time Zone, and we can inhabit from the crêperie to McDonalds. Fair call I say… I can always barter with knitted black fingerless gloves if they prove resistant.

Anyway, I’m off to Ravelry to try and recruit some new members for the MSKP.


6 thoughts on “The Manners Street Knitting Posse

  1. I’m all for outdoor knitting – prefer the waterfront myself – let me know if you plan something. you could call it performance art, because it is, on so many levels 🙂


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