So I may have scarred my child for life. She is currently OBSESSED with anything to do with fathers/dads/paternity. I worry about the poor kid… and am absolutely clinging to the idea that this could be a 3 and a half year old thing and not a symptom of massive psychological damage from the lack of a person called ‘Dad’ in her life.

She used to be quite hilarious in that she would call any of her little friend’s father’s “Dad”. I can only assume she thought it was a title that everyone used for the man in the house. Freaked a few men out and made me blush on many an occasion, but no harm done really.

Then she has moved on to playing “Mummies and Daddies” virtually any chance she gets. Again, relatively normal behaviour for a kiddo. Slightly wishful thinking perhaps…?

Now I find out that she has been using violence at creche to coerce fellow creche-goers to “be the daddy”. Ermmmm… swinging rapidly toward psychological issues here.

I did ask her the other day if she had a Dad. She just replied “Nuffing”. And that was it. Nothing, I thought, was a very good response. She clearly understands that she doesn’t have a father. I didn’t want to bring her up under some fabricated story. Now I wonder how early I can broach the topic of ‘knocked up at uni’? Maybe we’ll leave that one for just a tad longer.


7 thoughts on “Daddies

  1. I’m sure it’s just regular kid behavior that just happens to have to do with the “D” word. Kids have their things they love to play and when they don’t get their way they get upset. I would bite other children (usually on the face) so badly that it would bruise, bleed and swell up. Many parents actually changed their child’s daycare. And look at me! I’m fine now…I think.


  2. oh bless you nikki!this non mother won’t even attempt parenting advice here but I must say that honesty and humour (as lies said) go a LONG way. you sound like a woman with a good story to tell. I am sure that will be good for han someday.xoxxoxo


  3. ps I the recent appearance of bar graphs on your blog had me laughing takes a special kind of geek to make bar graphs of in process knitting! and I say geek with the utmost respect.


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