Owls and Forest Faeries

I received some fabulous little magnets in the post yesterday from the lovely Megan of Little Things. She is the cutest and her magnets are so sweet. I am now lusting after a robot set. I am on a mission to get rid of all our non-sticky magnets. They drive me bonkers.

The reason I received these is that I screwed her over in a trade we did by promising 2m of fabric and then chickening out at the last minute and only sending 1m, so sent something really small to ‘ease the pain’ – this was a ‘thank you’ for that but I feel I got the sweet end of the deal. I wanted to buy them anyway so I think I have some pestering to do. People just need to take money when offered!! 😉

Thank you Megan. I can’t wait to put them up… oh yesss… damnit, my secret is out. I sort of broke them when I got them – they are really strong magnets!! (And don’t like to be wrenched apart when they form a close bond with one another) But never fear! They are re-glued and currently drying.

And here are some crafty pics. My blog was looking rather bare with all my drivel so I have pics this time to brighten things up.

This is the Forest Fairy Princess dress that I made based very loosely on the pattern from Little Sesame Knits – when I saw loosely I mean that the look was adopted but I made things up as a went along. For my first time improvising knitting, it turned out rather well! And by well I mean that it has arm holes where arms actually are and not (too many) unwanted holes. Brilliant.

The kid seems to pull it off well. She wouldn’t let me take a decent photo – though that’s nothing new!


9 thoughts on “Owls and Forest Faeries

  1. That colour is awesome for redheads – the dress looks great!Am wondering about “kitten longies” – are those the ones you were knitting the other night? lol I guess it is a kitten 😛


  2. Oh yeah, gorgeous dress, I’d like to make one for myself 😉 but of course there is no way I have the patience to knit a grown-up sized piece of clothing, neither do I have any idea how to knit something with arms 🙂


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