The week that was

I survived. I know. Crazy. People can survive without the internet! Who would have thought?

In fairness, I wasn’t really without the internet. I still googled “The Wombles” at work the other day when we were trying to recall the lyrics to the theme song. Oh yeah, we work REAL HARD. This whole saving the world business is difficult.

The hardest part was perhaps not to blog. I have been feeling a bit of a slave to the blog world of late but then the first day that I was on my internet ban, Hannah decided to have a giant meltdown about the fact that she could wear her purple skirt to creche because it was in the washing machine and all I wanted to do was run to my little old blog and bitch to the world about how horrible three year olds are. BTW – incase you didn’t pick up on it, my time has come. I am no longer allowed to dress my child. While I am infinitely depressed about the outfits that Hannah will now insist on wearing, I do recognise that I had a particularly decent run. 3.5 years ain’t bad.

Anyway, after the meltdown and blogging fodder that had to be wasted on my colleagues, (Actually, who am I kidding, I usually ‘blog out loud’ to anyone who will listen. Those who live in the real world call this conversation.) I lost my mooncup. I have no frigging idea where the hell the thing went. Very annoying. And expensive.

Then it gets even worse… I was absolutely itching to post about the phone call answered by the lovely Devil Child. Some researcher called our house and of course Hanny-pants picked it up. God help us if anyone else even begins to reach for the phone! The unsuspecting caller must have recognised that there was a rather short person on the phone and so asked “Could you please put your mummy or daddy on the phone?” I wasn’t home at the time so Devil Child simply stated “I don’t have a daddy” and prepared to hang up the phone. ha! Luckily Tobin was nearby and rescued the phone… only to regret it when he was stuck giving a telephone survey for 1/2 an hour.

Right. Now I have to do some work. I’ll be back later to show the fruits of my labour. I didn’t really do much crafting though. Just sort of hung out. I seemed to be exhausted the whole week, even though I was sleeping atleast 20% more than I usually do. I think it is because the Devil Child has a cold… including a blocked nose… and due to the fact that she sleeps with her thumb firmly wedged in her mouth, rendering it useless for breathing, she kept waking up. And then coming to me. As if I could do anything about the fact that she refused to take her thumb out of her mouth and use her mouth to inhale and exhale!

Anyway… work. Back to work.

*Name changed. Cos I can.


9 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. I’m glad you’re back! I kept checking to see whether you’d lost your resolve yet lol. So well done on a whole week! I don’t know if I could do it, but I do live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by crazy in-laws.


  2. see…for the whole evening now i’m gonna be singing<>“underground, overground, wombling free,the wombles of wimbledon common are we.making good use of the things that we find,the things that the everyday folks leave behind…”<>sheesh, what a flashback! X


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