Creations of the week that was

I did a little bit of crafting in the week I had in the real world, but not much more than I usually would. I spent most of the time catching up on sleep which was completely ruined with Hannah’s cold of the last few days.

Now I have her cold so am feeling sorry for myself and a bit sick of work. I’m grouchy today. 1st was another bus conversation that I was forced to have. It requires so much effort to be cheerful and talkative in the morning before you have ingested an unhealthy amount of caffeine! I used to be totally opposed to the fact that everyone sported anti-social music machines in their ears. Now I see the absolute necessity of these things to avoid bus conversations. I mean, in my case, the people are delightful. I like them and they are interesting. It’s just I leave the conversation going “Did I make a massive dick of myself just then?… I really shouldn’t have said that… Did I talk too much?… I ask too many personal questions don’t I?… I talked about myself too much…” and on and on. So anyway, I’m saving for an Ipod.

2nd is that I feel a bit weird about my work relationships. I work with people who I really like and value their opinions… but then work relationships aren’t like friendships are they? Feelings aren’t necessarily reciprocal. Your work mates have no obligation to like you. And in turn, you can’t choose if you do or do not want to work with them. I worry about being overly friendly with them at the moment. And by workmates, I don’t just include those in my organisation, but everyone I encounter while working… which are many.

Right. Enough whining…. here is the rainbow hoodie that I made for the Devil Child and she now refuses to wear. I can’t win.

Yep, I used the rainbow fabric again. I love it! Now, why doesn’t the three year old?

And here is the seamless baby kimono (ravelry link) I made using the supremely easy and seriously cute pattern from the Complete Fabrication. She has quite a few little baby jerseys… I am considering upsizing another pattern she has written so the Devil Child can wear it. I may be wasting my time though. If I made it… she won’t wear it. Guaranteed. Can you tell I’m a little bitter?


10 thoughts on “Creations of the week that was

  1. <>“Did I make a massive dick of myself just then?… I really shouldn’t have said that… Did I talk too much?… I ask too many personal questions don’t I?… I talked about myself too much…”<>see, the bonus of Being Blonde is that ya can’t actually remember the convo yas just had…it’s just like being Dory:<>Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim. <>so there’s very little self-analysis IRL lol.(i just save that for blogland quizzes!!!)mwah X


  2. I almost always leave conversations feeling like that, questioning and analysing every word I said… argh, I wish I was blonde!LOVE the hoodie! I want one for meeeee!


  3. I ALWAYS analyze coversations later. I drive myself nuts! I even repeat them out loud and with motions and everything. Then I feel like a loon whenever I get caught. You are definitely not alone!!P.S. LOVE the hoodie! You should tell her you made it for another child. Then I bet she’d want it!


  4. You are not alone! I sometimes wish I could press pause, rewind and start again on some conversations.Love the hoodie! Can you recommend a pattern or did you make it up? I’m tentatively dipping my toes in the “sewing knits” pond now that I’ve got an overlocker which theoretically makes it easier. That hoodie looks like a good beginner project for me.


  5. Hey there I’m kinda glad your here again. So welcome back to the ‘slightly better world (ha! who needs real anyway) Heh those toddlers, grrnmmmbl my one is no better! -Kate5kiwis : I very much relate to Dory (ah yeh this is one of my tod’s fave dvd’s) yes that’s it swim swim.Lies


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