Pinwheel of doom

Warning: Knitter alert. Apologies to the non-knitters who read here. Scroll to end for exciting family news should you be interested.

Finally the Pinwheel sweater (rav link) is started… and I’m pretty sure it’s actually quite difficult to screw up from here (well, I hope!). It’s the pattern from Elann and knitted with Swish Superwash from Knit Picks. Quite soft yarn… I am very impressed.

The first time I cast this on, I swore the most I have ever sworn in the pathetic nine or so rounds that I managed before figuring out that I had dropped a trillion stitches and there was no point in continuing on… especially because my holes (meant to be there) were not of even sizes (not meant to happen).

I thought maybe it was because I was trying to use magic loop and this was making my life very very very difficult… but nooooo… turns out I wasn’t using magic loop at all, but some bizarre combination of yarn and needles that I had come up with myself which made knitting almost frigging impossible!

The second time I cast on again using the same mistake as the first time which almost lead to me throwing all my yarn, needles, and knitting associated paraphernalia out the window – refusing to even look at a sheep again. But I made it through the hard part and although I dropped the entire thing off my needles about 10 times, I managed to get all the stitches back on again and in a relatively evenly knitted fashion – amid much swearing, as you could guess.

THEN finally I figured out, quite by accident, that my version of magic loop wasn’t magic loop at all and righted the problem. HALLELUJAH! How the heck in hell I had actually managed to make any stitches the way I was doing it, I do not know.

Now I’m on my way to making it… just a few minor alterations of colour sequence when I realised that the colours I had together clashed in a huge way. Yeah oops.

WOAHHHHHHH rock my world. I just got a text – my little sister is getting married! (Amend warning at top so people actually have something to read about.) I live with Gaz and Jute and while they are younguns (Jute is 21 and Gaz is 25) they have been together for yeeeeeeeears and are literally the boy and girl next door. So yay. They are engaged. Properly. Very exciting!

Oh, and other news… may have made some inroads into figuring out the missing part of Hannah’s gene pool. Scary as hell! It may not amount to anything as yet but is a major development in our lives.

P.S. Working on the post with the mods I made to Hannah’s Forest Fairy Princess dress. I just have to find the darn thing so I can count stitches and rows as I have completely forgotten what I actually did. ha.


6 thoughts on “Pinwheel of doom

  1. congrats to your sister!and the gene pool? does this mean daddy?sorry to admit it but I scrolled through the knitting section (and I call myself a crafter!) gosh I should really get interested in knitting again.


  2. Hello! I saw you and the short one walking in Kilbirnie yesterday when I was driving off to the fair- was going to toot and then realised you would have absolutely no idea who I am! That is so exciting for your sister – and good on you for sticking it out with the knitting 🙂 Isn’t it irritating when you just can’t get it right, so decide to give up and then think…ok, ONE more go….


  3. Jute and Gaz are engaged? haha just kidding Gareth rang me and casually announced he proposed, which i then yelled to the entire 50 odd people quietly sitting around me at the time. (kinda pissed you got the sister and i got the brother, i’m sure her enthusiasm was greater). 🙂


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