Punctuation rocks my world

Before I start I must have a little disclaimer: I am a freaking hyprocrite. You’ll see why…

I looooove punctuation. The language purists will be snorting their tea out their noses right now, especially following a word that has been so damaged by my personal type-quirks. Sorry.

But anyway, I do. And spelling. More snorting, I imagine. I used to be a “walking dictionary,” as someone once put. Now I’m useless (I blame my lack of memory) but I still love it. Back to punctuation though: since reading “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” by Lynne Truss, I have realised that I am not the only punctuation Nazi out there. In fact, I learned many of my inadequacies reading that book, which reminds me, I must read it again. Apart from teaching me a whole bunch about punctuation, it also firmed my resolve to become more radical in my quest to remove the world of misplaced apostrophes.

Clearly, there is also someone else on the loose in Wellington who finds the effects of punctuation on sentences as hilarious as me. Kudos to whoever added the full stop to the slogan of this chain of optometrists. You rock my world.


7 thoughts on “Punctuation rocks my world

  1. Ha ha. That is great. I too am a punctuation nazi, though I’m not perfect by any means. A couple of things irk me though. Why do people feel the need to add an apostrophe before every “s” at the end of a word e.g. CD’s, DVD’s? And I also hate it when writers use the wrong your/you’re or there/they’re/their. There are rules for using these words people!! Right, rant over. Feeling better now.


  2. bwahahahabut that extra fullstop is actually irritating me.and i have That Book (<>Eats, Shoots and Leaves,<>) on my dining table: i need to read it before surreptitiously sneaking it back to the skool library.you know i’m a spelling/punctuation ninja too: thank God for soulmates.oh, but i re-FUSE to capitalise the beginning of a sentence or an *i* cos along with the punctuation ninja-ness, there is a Gemini schizo-rebel residing within.oh, and i re-FUSE to use text-language, it’s gotta be The Whole Word in my msgs…luffs from paradoxical evah-so-rambly <>moi<> XP.S. but i am REALLY wondering about the phrase in your sidebar:wtf is a *rusted root* ???rofl


  3. LMAO, as if they remove eyes from your head! I’m an English teacher in America, and I so relate to the bemoaning of poor punctuation. I’m also big on the “who/whom” and drove my students NUTS with that!


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