Sparkly Stuff

On Saturday I received in the post these gorgeous sparkly things from the lovely Kate. She has a fabulous way with beads that I can’t even begin to understand. The one and only time I have attempted to make a necklace was for my hall of residence ball in first year of uni. I made some hideous turquoise creation which I promptly threw out after the event. Luckily I was drunk enough at the actual event that I didn’t care what I looked like. Although perhaps I should have… not a pretty night.

But Kate! Kate!! She makes stunning jewelery and has done pretty damn well for Hannah and I. Red is the coolest colour in the universe (alongside brown… but I know many of you will disagree with me there) and it has such a cute touch with the shoe, because I have “found [my] handsome prince” Ooo mushy mushy.

The bracelet for Hannah is seriously delicious. I went to find it for a photo shoot and realised that it was missing as Hannah has been carting it around the house since she received it. Luckily I found it abandoned where I had torn her out of her room to try and make it to creche on time (Failed at that… just incase you were wondering).

The bracelet has come at the perfect time. This past weekend I have (re)firmed my resolve to stop biting my nails. We were at Queensgate mall on Saturday (ring shopping for Jute! Weeee!) and Mum shoved me in the direction of the young, tanned, Jordanian man selling fancy beauty products with “minerals from the Dead Sea”. Big mistake that was… we managed to escape after about 45 minutes of listening to his sales pitch and only spending $75.00. Mum just handed over her credit card to shut him up… funnily enough, that didn’t work either. In the process, he made me hand over my hands which I DO NOT DO for ANYONE. Even young, tanned, Jordanian men. Well, I lie… because I did. But not without much freaking out and stumbled apologies for the state of my nails. Or complete lack of nails. Whatever.

Long story short… I decided that I need to grow my nails. Again. And if I don’t then I will feel obligated to pay Mum back for the terribly expensive cuticle oil and buffing brush thingy that she bought. But I know nice nails would be much more worth it for her after seeing me mutilate them from a very early age.

So – with bracelet and expensive cuticle oil – I will succeed!

Thank you wonderful Kate!

And wonderful Mum!


P.S. Oh yeah, Kate – Rusted Root is a knitting pattern from Zephyr Style. Not the prettiest name, but a very pretty top.


2 thoughts on “Sparkly Stuff

  1. dahling hannah,YOU! POSED! FOR! A! PHOTO!!!love that XPSor P.S. (seeing we are quite the Punctuation Nerds atm) go the fingernails, girlie!! <>you can dooo it!! <> (movie line)


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