The expense of being crafty

Now, more than ever, I am feeling a bit clueless when it comes to international development, economics, politics, and science. I just attended the finance and expenditure select committee in order to make an oral submission on the Climate Change (Emissions Trading and Renewable Preference) Bill. We had lost the key player in the submission due to a family bereavement and so were left with the boss, who has only been in the job a couple of months, and me. I only went along to see how things worked in the legislative process and where we could make a difference on issues relating to international development.

Anyway, so it was the boss and I having to suddenly become experts on climate change and the effect of an international emissions trading scheme and how that affects developing countries… and then how that relates to the NZ bill that is heading through parliament.

I’m not convinced we were overly successful and I wish I’d read up on it a lot more so I’d have been able to offer something… anything!

After that we headed to have lunch with the boss’s former colleague up at the Beehive. She’s a lovely woman but we got talking about the plight of the world and she basically said “Africa needs to sort out its own problems.” I freaked out at this, knowing that it is near impossible and the reason is that “the West” has shafted Africa in the first place (among many other countries/continents) so bumbled something along those lines to her, to which she replied “But isn’t that just shifting the blame?” I couldn’t articulate anything even vaguely comprehensible beyond that so just left it and we moved on.

Why can’t I come up with any decent arguments for the things I believe in?

I’m not saying that the reason I am an idiot is because I spend all my time knitting and sewing, but I think I could definitely spend a bit more time reading up on these things if I ever want to engage in intelligent conversation.

It doesn’t help when I read George and Terence, who put a lot of time and energy into knowing ‘stuff’… but I guess I can aspire to contribute something worthwhile. And in order to feel less inadequate, I am trying to pressure George into taking up knitting. ha!


9 thoughts on “The expense of being crafty

  1. Heh, you might just succeed! I also wouldn’t know what to do with a devilish child either, which ranks pretty highly in my hierarchy of knowledge =)Anyway, there are a lot of things I know very little about, but I tend to keep my mouth shut about those 😉


  2. hehe thanks George. Gives me hope.And Sharon, I think you may be on to something! I also had a suggestion from my co-worker of listening to the radio while knitting. Doesn’t help that mine is currently tuned to the Rock. No wonder I can’t have an intelligent conversation! he.


  3. I get that feeling all the time – i know what i think about something but end up explaining it terribly, simply because i try to put it in too few words so that whoever is on the receiving end doesn’t lose interest!And what a great tip with the knitting/radio thing – i LOVE listening to the too-coolers on RadioActive wax lyrical 🙂


  4. Eh, I get that too when I go to work functions with the boy – but really, do you want to study things just to impress others? I’d rather spend my time learning something of interest to me. In those instances, I just nod and smile 🙂


  5. Kat – that’s the thing. I AM interested in these things. And have studied them in the past… it’s just I struggle to stay up to date because I spend most of my spare time knitting etc. But I want to be knowledgeable about that stuff because I really care about it, ya know? I think I’ll get there with the aid of radio and pod casts while crafting – best of both worlds.


  6. I know just how you feel – i seldom have an intelligent come back to support my beliefs when someone is arguing the other way. Its actually really annoying. *sigh*Im sure I have intelligent thoughts its just that my right brain wont let them out in a way that the left brain logical world likes. Actually, new theory – I think it must be that I communicate on a ‘higher’ intuitive level, not all people are as far advanced as you and I and therefore need to resort to mere words, instead of just knowing. Ha!


  7. I feel that way all the time too. Getting frustrated that my arguments seems to fall down because I’m not quick enough. I go home and argue back all night when I should be sleeping. I put it down to baby brain and being out of practice. I think discuss it wherever you go then it will just flow when in the heat of the moment.


  8. Hiya Nikki,I dunno…I mean obviously we’ve never met (cough) but I reckon that had we met, I would have had conversations with you where I left thinking that this Nikki person is pretty switched on. [/attempt at blogger anonymity].Anyhow, if it makes any difference, I feel the same thing (not knowing enough, not being able to articulate what I do know) all the time…


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